Finest organic quality since 1979.

The Lebensbaum tea, coffee and spices come 100% from organic farming.

We are convinced that this sophisticated form of farming is a rerequisite for high-quality, natural food. But it is about more than this: with every product sold, the number of fields farmed organically increases. We are thus promoting a form of agriculture that understands how to preserve our natural resources while producing foodstuffs of exceptional quality.

We buy at the place of origin, because quality has roots and we want to accompany the creation of our products from the very start. We see supplier relationships as long-term quality-based partnerships. Together we shape the entire value chain from the field, via the processing in our production facility, all the way to the finished product ready to sell. Business management understood in this way creates lasting value and is beneficial for everyone involved. Putting all modesty aside, we like to call it the food economics of the future.

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