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24. May 2018

Bio Foods – Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

The finest cinnamon in the world grows in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Aromatic, sweet, warm and rarely bitter: in no other place does cinnamon develop as fine a flavour as in former Ceylon. Lebensbaum Ceylon-Zimt (Ceylon cinnamon) naturally comes from this region, too.
Sri Lanka

The harvest is during the monsoon, from May to October. When thick clouds envelope the highlands, it rains cats and dogs, steam tops the damp earth and the aromatic substances in the bark of the cinnamon trees are particularly highly concentrated. Another advantage is that the damp bark can be removed more easily from the wood and better processed during the rains. It is scraped off by hand; the thin inner layer is separated from the wood with a knife; and six to ten of these inner layers are interlaced, rolled and dried. That is the cinnamon stick that we recognize, but these sticks are still half a metre long.

They become dry and are hygienically stored at small collection points. Our partner Bio Foods collects the cinnamon sticks together, saws them up in a machine constructed especially for this purpose and then sends the precious freight on the long journey to Lebensbaum.

Bio Foods founder Dr. Sarath Ranaweera is a respected man in Sri Lanka. His company, which he founded in 1993, specializes in high-grade spices in Demeter quality. Cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, ginger and nutmeg grow on the plantation. The spices are cultivated by small farmers using traditional methods. That means lower harvest yields, but this produces high quality.

It is not only the special quality of the produce, yet also a demonstrable responsibility for nature and mankind which makes Bio Foods the perfect Lebensbaum partner. To help promote traditional agriculture, Ranaweera founded the Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) in 1997. With the help of his company Bio Foods, he provided initial aid for organic farmers to become affiliated. Some 2,100 farmers have since joined SOFA and work according to organic, or even Demeter, principles. And this is a growing trend.

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