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12. May 2013

Moorland patronage

The Diepholz moorland begins right in front of our doorstep. Some employees take walks through it after lunch to get the body and soul moving again. We want to preserve the harsh, serene beauty of this unique cultural landscape and have therefore assumed patronage of the Diepholz moorland in 2012.

Not only for the purpose of edifying our employees, but also for reasons of global climate protection. After all, there is hardly any topic that combines the protection of climate and environment as well as preserving moorlands.

For one, they are a vital biosphere for highly specialized plants and animals. In addition climatologists have identified moorlands as tremendous carbon sinks.

However, if the moorlands are drained to develop peat deposits, as has happened in Diepholz in large areas, the stored CO2 escapes into the atmosphere. In the case of the Diepholz moor lowland, there are assumed to be approximately 900,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year. With this rewetting, our objective is that no more carbon dioxide leaks from the Diepholz moorland over the next few years and, in the longer term, that CO2 even gets stored there again. We have budgeted 70,000 euros for this ambitious project for the future, split over three years. The money is urgently required: for rewetting measures, and also for scientific support provided by the Europäisches Fachzentrum Moor und Klima (European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate) that has just been set up.

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Sustainability Sustainability

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