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29. May 2012

VisionForest - where wild animals live again

Forests – they are a whole lot more than just a collection of trees. A forest is a complex ecosystem. Forests protect against soil erosion, regulate the water supply and trap the greenhouse gas CO2. They also house enormous biological diversity – some two-thirds of all animal and plant species on earth call forests their home.

In order to protect these significant ecosystems, we have been a partner of VisionForest since the project started. In the sparsely populated north of Costa Rica, rainforest is being reforested on cleared land through this project.

Altogether 5,000 trees are being planted here by Lebensbaum. These are indigenous varieties, naturally, because the forest should become what it once was – a habitat for jaguars, anteaters, Military Macaws and ocelots.

But it is also a home to people. And so through sustainable forestry and cultivation, the project should be able to pay for itself in the long term and provide the people living there with nutrition and a secure income. In 50 years, VisionForest will have stored some 84,000 tons of CO2. And we have already been able to detect the first signs of jaguars.

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Sustainability Sustainability

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Sustainability Sustainability

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