Plantation Coffee, ground

Pure arabica – Naturally mild and subtly aromatic

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Flavour: Naturally mild and subtly aromatic: an authentic Demeter Arabica with a pleasantly mild, tart flavour

Origin: Finca Irlanda, Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Mexico

Cultivation: In harmony with nature, following the methods of biodynamic agriculture. The coffee cherries slowly ripen in cool, high-altitude locations.

Harvesting: By hand. This ensures only the ripe coffee cherries are picked and carefully sorted.

Roasting: In one of Germany’s oldest organic roasting houses, where the high-quality coffee beans are refined slowly and gently


250 g

Intensity 2




Drip Coffee


French Press




Plantation Coffee Coffee Lebensbaum Organic
Plantagen Kaffee, gemahlen

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  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen
Arabica Kaffee
Arabica Coffee

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Finca Irlanda

Finca Irlanda – Coffee from Mexiko

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