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Columbia Hacienda Cincinnati, ground coffee

A multi-faceted aroma with an exquisitely acidic taste: the lush landscape of the highest coastal mountain range on earth is where we grow our exceptional Colombia coffee, which delights us with its multi-faceted aroma.
The mountain region of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located in northern Colombia, is home to the Hacienda Cincinnati, with which we are developing a long-term partnership. Farmers have been planting coffee here for more than 100 years, putting into practice a vast store of skill and experience and a willingness to work in respectful harmony with nature. Slowly but surely, the coffee fruits used to make our Colombia coffee ripen under shade trees and gradually develop their exquisite aroma. The farmers wait until the coffee cherries have ripened before hand-picking and carefully sorting them.
We refine the high-quality coffee beans in Germany’s oldest organic roasting house slowly and gently, in order to unfold and harmonise the over 800 aromatic substances which they contain. Crafted by experts in a sophisticated process to roast the beans evenly, this exquisite Colombia coffee can then develop its unmistakably balanced aroma.

  • coffee intensity 3
  • new
  • drip coffee
  • Frensh press


250 g


100% Arabica*

* = from organic agriculture, ** = from biodynamic agriculture