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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, ground coffee

Spicy and aromatic with a sizzling sourness: the Ethiopian sun gives rise to a select organic coffee the diverse array of scents of which unfold gradually and luxuriously.

Sheltered beneath shade trees, the coffee cherries growing in the gardens of the Balekara cooperative in south west Ethiopia have ample time to ripen. Only then are they harvested by hand and carefully sorted by experienced coffee farmers, with whom we are developing a long-term partnership. Using their traditional organic farming methods, the Balekara farmers take care to preserve the biodiversity and unique landscape of their home.

We refine the high-quality coffee beans in Germany’s oldest organic roasting house slowly and gently, in order to unfold and harmonise the over 800 aromatic substances which they contain. Crafted by experts in a sophisticated process to roast the beans evenly, this select Ethiopian coffee can then develop its unmatched spicy aroma.

  • coffee intensity 3
  • new
  • drip coffee
  • Frensh press


250 g


100% Arabica*

* = from organic agriculture, ** = from biodynamic agriculture