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Forest & Herbs

Spicy, Tart

In the pine forest, the air smells spicy, with a hint of resin. In the distance, a jay sounds its warning call. Herbs grow by the roadside. Over there, you can see the radiant glow of sage. Ahead, the bright yellow shades of the dandelion.

Everywhere you go, the world tastes a bit different. Lebensbaum buyers know this. Brimming with wanderlust, they search far and wide for the best ingredients. And for food for thought. As with tea.

  • tea bag in envelope
  • 100° C (en)
  • 8 min. (en)
  • new


20 x 2 g


Apple Mint*, Lemon Grass*, Sage*, Balm*, Walnut Leaf*, Hyssop*, Dandelion*, Pine Shoots*, Blackberry Leaf*

* = from organic agriculture, ** = from biodynamic agriculture