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Plantation Coffee, whole beans

pure arabica – mild with a fine balance of body and acidity

Fruity aroma – full body: this single varietal Demeter Arabica slowly ripens at cool altitudes of over 1,000 metres. Rich volcanic soils, shade trees and a fascinating biodiversity characterise the steep slopes of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, a rainforest region on the Mexican Pacific coast. This is where we buy the beans for our Plantation Coffee from source and maintain long-term, fair partnerships with our coffee producers. We roast the hand-picked beans in small quantities – carefully and slowly. At the end of this manually demanding process, the temperature is reduced for the low-level roasting. In this way we achieve even roasting of the beans all the way through. This brings out their full body and perfectly balances the more than 800 aromas.

  • coffee intensity 2
  • drip coffee
  • Frensh press
  • super automatics
  • Demeter


250 g


arabica coffee**

* = from organic agriculture, ** = from biodynamic agriculture