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Drinking Lebensbaum tea takes you on a journey. Sometimes to faraway places, like the most celebrated tea plantations of Darjeeling. Sometimes to places close at hand, like the Altes Land fruit-growing region near Hamburg, where apples for our fruit teas are picked. We have all our teas organically grown. That’s good for the environment, as organic farming helps to keep soil and plants healthy. And it’s good for people, as a healthy environment is the best basis for good food produce.



Our Quality Guarantee

  • no GMOs
  • climate friendly
  • no flavorings
  • strict quality controls
  • fair partnerships
  • 100% organic

Der Lebensbaum

Our German customer magazine comes out quarterly. You can get a free subscription. 

The Lebensbaum Foundation

The Lebensbaum Foundation (i.e. Lebensbaum-Stiftung in Germany) was set up in 2007 in the town of Diepholz, Lower Saxony. It began its work as a charitable foundation in 2008. The Foundation serves solely and directly not-for-profit purposes. Within the course of its work it supports projects and individuals in the areas of training and education, youth care, culture and environmental protection at home and abroad. The Lebensbaum Foundation also cooperates with other foundations and organisations.