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Base Herbs

Balanced and light – a fine herbal cure

Seven complementary wild herbs ranging from raspberry leaf to dandelion combine with green oats and lemon grass to create a light herbal tea blend.Together the herbs and flowers in our alkaline tea form a great band that provide stalwart assistance to anyone during ‘base fasting’, as drinking a lot is just as important for this as a balanced diet. And it always tastes great – even when you’re not fasting.

  • loose tea
  • 100° C (en)
  • 7-10 min. (en)


50 g


nettle*, green oats*, raspberry leaf*, lemon grass*, walnut leaf*, fennel*, yarrow*, coriander*, lime blossoms*, blackberry leaf*, marigold*, dandelion*, sage*, hyssop*

* = from organic agriculture, ** = from biodynamic agriculture
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