Darjeeling Himalaya, leaf

Delicate and flowery – spring harvest in the Himalayas

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We procure this lively, flowery Darjeeling First Flush with its pale infusion colour directly from Ambootia, our partner tea plantation.After the winter break, tea shrubs sprout particularly delicate leaves – just as delicate as the taste of this tea harvested in the spring. In March, when the nights are still cool but the sun is already breaking through the mountain mist, the tea plantation at the foot of the Himalayas awakes into new life. There is only a short period during which the First Flush can be picked – carefully done by hand for top-quality enjoyment.


75 g

loose tea


Water temperature

100 °C

Steeping Time

3-5 min



Darjeeling Himalaya Lebensbaum Bio
Darjeeling Himalaya Darjeeling Himalaya

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  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen
Black Tea

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