Jasmine & Green

Fragrant, Intensive

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Chinese tea treasures: green tea gets up close and personal with jasmine blossoms. Once it has absorbed their taste and scent, it goes on its way – without the blossoms and delighted in the knowledge that nothing smells as lovely as it does.

Everywhere you go, the world tastes a bit different. Lebensbaum buyers know this. Brimming with wanderlust, they search far and wide for the best ingredients. And for food for thought. As with tea.


20 x 1,5 g

Tea Bag in Envelope


Thermometer 80 °C

80 °C

Steeping Time

3 min

Jasmine & Green Lebensbaum Green tea organic
Wanderlust Jasmine & Green

Discover the ingredients

  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen

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