Natural taste using the

Purity Principle

No ifs, no buts and nothing artificial, that’s our maxim. Just nature alone. Find out why that is the case and what it means for our raw ingredients and our products here.

We have been applying the purity principle since 1979. Regardless of whether it’s coffee, tea or spices, we always refrain from using flavourings and additives. 


The reason for doing so is very simple: we respect the flavour of nature.

What does that mean? Take a look at South Africa. The proud rooibos grows in the sandy, barren soil of the Cedarberg mountains. While we have to withstand the snow and the cold, the rooibos shrub gets its energy from the African sunshine. We want to taste that in our teas.

Many, however, feel obliged to ruin the copper-red tea with their own cocktails of flavour. Rather unimaginatively, some cherry and banana flavours are mixed in, and the special becomes the ordinary. Quite a few people are totally obsessed with the lab creativity of the flavour industry. But for us, some things just do not go together: rooibos tea with a caramel-cream aroma sounds like pudding with potato salad flavour. Possible, but in no way desirable.

We do have pure rooibos available. Alternatively, we emphasize its tart sensation with lemon grass and orange peel; or we accentuate its soft gentleness with vanilla and apple pieces. Because we select all our ingredients carefully, our teas, spices and coffees simply do not need any flavourings.