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Biene Lavendel
100 % organic

To our mind, finest organic quality permits no compromises. The raw ingredients we work with are therefore 100% organic, in the majority of cases grown in accordance with the ecological guidelines of growers’ associations such as Demeter, Naturland and Bioland. Organic farming does not use any chemical or synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. Instead it stimulates plant vitality. Healthy soils, especially high-altitude locations or protective shade trees are prerequisites for the quality of our organic raw ingredients and protect the local eco-systems. 

No flavorings

Since 1979, at Lebensbaum the purity principle has applied: no added aromas, no flavour enhancers and no additives. Quite the contrary: it is our aim to preserve the choice quality of the gently grown raw ingredients through careful processing and to refine them using well-honed recipes.


We rigorously oppose genetic engineering. It constitutes an irreversible intervention by man in natural cycles and endangers biodiversity. Genetic engineering also undermines established farming structures and thus makes many farmers economically dependent on individual companies. That is not compatible with our values.

Strict quality controls

Complete supply chain transparency, from field to finished product, forms the basis of our quality work. The demands we make of our suppliers go way beyond the statutory requirements. As part of our IFS-certified quality management process, Lebensbaum products pass through a defined schedule of checks every step of the way. All chemical and microbiological analyses are carried out by well-known, accredited laboratories.


Climate friendly

Since 2010, our production facilities have been running on a carbon-neutral basis. Heating is provided by one of Lower Saxony’s highest-capacity geothermal power facilities and throughout the entire business the electricity used is 100% green. All company buildings have above-average insulation. All letters and parcels are sent by a carbon-neutral postal service and raw ingredients are transported by ship. The list of green initiatives is a long one and is constantly being extended.

Tea Fields
Fair partnerships

We purchase finest organic quality direct from source. Building up long-term partnerships is extremely important to us. Cultivating the crops in accordance with our requirements and the principles of ecological farming calls for expertise and dedication. We pay prices for this that appropriately reward our suppliers’ work. Lebensbaum suppliers adhere to international labour guidelines and protect the environment. As an independent organisation, Naturland checks this in addition to our own site visits.

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