Strong, traditional or mild – a key factor in this is the roasting process. Another, however, is the beans: Arabica beans produce a fine acidity and fruity aroma, while Robusta tastes strong and somewhat bitter. In small quantities, the hand-picked beans are slowly and carefully processed into genuine Lebensbaum coffee under the scrutiny of experienced master roasters. Lebensbaum coffee and espresso are available as whole beans, ground or in coffee pads.



Our Quality Guarantee

  • no GMOs
  • climate friendly
  • no flavorings
  • strict quality controls
  • fair partnerships
  • 100% organic

Der Lebensbaum

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The Lebensbaum Foundation

The Lebensbaum Foundation (i.e. Lebensbaum-Stiftung in Germany) was set up in 2007 in the town of Diepholz, Lower Saxony. It began its work as a charitable foundation in 2008. The Foundation serves solely and directly not-for-profit purposes. Within the course of its work it supports projects and individuals in the areas of training and education, youth care, culture and environmental protection at home and abroad. The Lebensbaum Foundation also cooperates with other foundations and organisations.