Our packaging

As little as possible

Our raw materials are not the only things subject to strict requirements. We also place the highest standards on our packaging. While it must optimally protect our products, we don’t want to use more than is absolutely necessary. And what we do use should be as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, our tea boxes are made of thin cardboard which is made from virgin wood fibre and is completely recyclable. They have been sporting the FSC seal since 2011. We also opted for plant-based inks – 100% mineral oil-free. At the same time, this is an important contribution to the protection of finite resources. That way, we increase the likelihood that residue-free recycled paper may one day hit the market. The “plastic” wrapper on all of our boxes of tea is made of a cellulose-based material. The film is produced in a CO2-neutral way and provides optimal product protection. Within a few weeks, it decomposes into its natural components in the household compost. The teabags themselves are made of banana fibre and the threads are made of organic cotton. A few of our products are packaged in tins. Tinplate is a material that can be repeatedly recycled without any loss of quality. Regarding the pallets on which we ship our goods, we refrain from using single-use and plastic pallets. Instead, Euro pallets made from wood are used which are systematically reused.

We use the large covering boxes to cover our finished goods several times if possible to minimize carton waste. And if there is anything left at the end, this is recycled in a local paper factory.

We strive to optimise the material efficiency of all kinds of primary and secondary packaging, not just our tea boxes. To others, this might sound exaggerated. But for us, it is self-evident that good products deserve good packaging. In harmony with nature and people.